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W imieniu dr inż. Andrzeja Hildebrandta zapraszam na seminarium:
Ground Penetrating Radar: overview on the research activities carried out by the COST Action TU1208.


Referat wygłosi: Dr Lara Pajewski, COST TU1208 Chair “Roma Tre” University, Engineering Department, Rome, Italy.



Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a safe, effective, non-destructive and non-invasive imaging technique, providing high resolution images of subsurface and structures through electromagnetic waves. It is quick and inexpensive in comparison to other investigation methods and it has a plethora of applications, in civil and environmental engineering, archaeology, geology, planetary exploration, water management, as well as in many other areas. Penetration and resolution depend on the GPR transmitting frequency, and on the electrical properties of surveyed material and targets. Interdisciplinary experience is required to properly use this technique. This seminar will offer an overview on the research activities carried out by the COST Action TU1208 “Civil engineering applications of Ground Penetrating Radar.” Such activities include: (i) the design of advanced GPR systems and antennas, (ii) the development of new guidelines for an effective use of GPR in diagnostics affecting the whole life-cycle of civil-engineering works, (iii) the improvement of imaging/inversion/data processing algorithms and the development of electromagnetic modelling tools, to ease the interpretation of GPR results and enhance the efficiency of the radar survey, (iv) the integration of GPR with other non-destructive testing techniques.


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Seminarium odbędzie się 20 maja o godz. 12.00 w sali 754 Ośrodka Szkolenia.

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