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Legal and regulatory barriers to the introduction of cloud services in the EU

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to register to the ITU elearning course on ” Legal and regulatory barriers to the introduction of cloud services in the EU”, 20 – 27 May 2019, which is organized within the framework of ITU Centre of Excellence Network for Europe, and it will be delivered through the ITU Academy:

The course is addressed to members of IT teams, sales and legal departments considering the procurement of cloud solutions, regulators, (in house) lawyers and anyone interested in cloud services.

For more information please refer to the Invitation Letter and Training Outlinealso given at

Please note that this is an elearning course in a blended mode via the ITU Academy, with course material consisted of 10 recorded video lectures in HD with total duration of app. 10 hours (an example of one such video lecture is given at the bottom of web page ). Video lectures will be made available on a daily basis at the course (two video lectures per day, via the ITU Academy), where each participant can access the video materials at any time during the course (and certain time period after finishing the course). The course will also provide forum discussions, and assessment via quiz test on the last day. All course activities will be realized via the ITU Academy. Each participant who will successfully complete the course will receive an ITU certificate after the course.

To register for the course please proceed toward the following steps:

STEP 1 – Login into ITU Academy
In order to access this course you need to have a valid account in ITU Academy. First, you should login into the ITU Academy with your ITU Academy account via the login page:

STEP 2 – Individual registration into this course
After login into ITU Academy, select the course by using the link:

STEP 2 – Group registration into the course
To register a group of participants from your organization create a focal point user on the ITU Academy by using the link (focal point ITU Academy account can be freely created by anyone who needs to register a group of participants): (choose Registration for focal points)

After creation of focal point user, login with that user on the ITU Academy platform and create a group by selecting „create new group”, then search and add the users to your group, and finally select the course by using the link (copy-paste in the same web browser):

To register for this course you may choose between the two types of registration (for both, individual and group registrations):
– online payment (with a credit card, which provides direct enrollment into the course)
– offline payment (with an automatically generated invoice from the ITU Academy, the participants will be manually enrolled in the course after submission of proof of payment to the ITU via an email to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Sylwester Laskowski
Head of the ITU Centre of Excellence at the National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT), Warsaw, Poland