ITU e-learning Course on

“Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
in business, household and public sector”

7 – 14 December 2020

Course Description

The subject matter of this stationary workshop is the discussion of legal framework applicable to Artificial Intelligence with international focus. By discussing the application of Artificial Intelligence, various types of Artificial Agents in many spheres of life will be considered, including: business activity, household, and the public sector. During the workshop different definitions of Artificial Intelligence will be considered and discussed from a legal point of view. The workshop will also encompass liability issues connected with the use of Artificial Intelligence, including robots. Various concepts of liability will be assessed. During the workshop various examples of the application of Artificial Intelligence will be included. In addition, recommendations for future legislation will be presented and analysed. At the outset of the workshop a knowledge test will be conducted.

Target Population

The target group of this workshop include representatives of regulatory bodies, dealing specifically with Artificial Intelligence issues, but also with consumer protection issues, cyber security issues, data protection issues.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the training, the participant should have gained an understanding
of the key aspects of:

Course Content

    Lecture 1.

    Lecture 2.

    Lecture 3.

    Lecture 4.

    Lecture 5.

    Lecture 6.

    Lecture 7.

    Lecture 8.

    Lecture 9.

    Lecture 10.

An example of the course materials.


Andrzej Krasuski PhD, Legal advisor

Andrzej Krasuski holds a PhD degree in law and is a legal counsel (radca prawny) with twenty years of experience. He specializes in regulations referring to the telecommunications market, and in particular in telecommunications law, media law and personal data protection law. In his current work, he advises on complex matters regarding regulations on the telecommunications market (i.e. the imposition, change and lifting of regulatory obligations on specific telecommunications markets), co-operation between telecommunications companies, management of scarce resources, protection of data under telecommunications secrecy rules.

Another area of Andrzej Krasuski’s specialization is personal data protection and outsourcing. Andrzej’s experience includes, among other things, the optimization of data flow structures from a data protection point of view, single data protection verifications as well as complex and continuing compliance audits, legal assistance in preparation of documents evidencing the processing of data, and providing security for processed data. In addition, he has extensive experience in a broad range of aspects regarding international data transfers, including transfers beyond the European Economic Area. He has advised on various models of co-operation on the market, where personal data plays a key role. In addition, he has advised many clients on data protection in complex regulatory proceedings. He has experience in the implementation of SOX regulations and has advised on data protection aspects in FCPA proceedings.

In September 2015, the fourth edition of the Commentary to the Telecommunications Law in Poland, the author of which is Andrzej Krasuski, was published by Wolters Kluwer. He is the author of many other books and scientific publications on telecommunications, outsourcing and data protection subject, including inter alia: Umowa o świadczenie usług telekomunikacyjnych (Agreement for the provision of telecommunications services) (LexisNexis 2005), Outsourcing danych osobowych w działalności przedsiębiorstw (Personal data outsourcing in business operations) (LexisNexis 2010), Dane osobowe w obrocie tradycyjnym i elektronicznym. Praktyczne problemy (Personal data in traditional and electronic trading. Practical problems) (WoltersKluwer 2012).

He has extensive experience in proceedings before the President of the Office of Electronic Communications in Poland, Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as well as the European Commission. Andrzej Krasuski has extensive experience in proceedings before administrative courts and universal courts on matters related to telecommunications activity and data protection matters.

Andrzej Krasuski was a partner in international law firms, heading for many years telecommunications and data protection practices. He combines his law practice with lecturing activity, co-operating inter alia with the National Institute of Telecommunications. He has been praised for many years in international rankings as one of the leading lawyers specializing in telecommunications law, media law and personal data protection law.

Course Date (Duration)

7 – 14 December 2020 (8 days)

Participation fees

150 USD

Delivery Method

​E-Learning Course.

The course methodology will be as follows:

  • Each day from 7 to 11 December 2020  there will be made available two recorded video lectures, which are recorded in the face-to-face ITU Centre of Excellence workshop organised by National Institute of Telecommunications in Poland. In total there are 10 video lectures during the course.
  • Discussion forum will be organized based on discussion topics given on a daily basis, where students are highly encouraged to participate and interact with instructors and other students.
  • Quiz test will be assigned on the last day of the course, 14 October 2020.
  • All announcements for all events (lectures, quiz and forum) will be given in a timely manner (prior to the event) by the course tutor.


At the end of the course participants will take part in a written test checking the level of knowledge gained during the training.

Registration and Payments

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STEP 2 – Registration into this course

After login into ITU Academy, select the course “Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence in business, household and public sector” by using the link:


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