Szanowni Państwo,
W imieniu dr inż. Andrzeja Hildebrandta zapraszam na seminarium:
A study on multi-attribute aggregation approaches for Japanese traditional crafts.

Referat wygłosi: Jin Jingzhong i Yoshiteru Nakamori.


In today’s increasingly competitive market, customers usually have to face to a huge number of products with different designs but having the same use. Therefore, an important problem for manufacturers is to attract customers by special designs of the products. A customer-oriented approach in recommending product is developed and gradually improved. This paper introduces our researches about a recommendation system for Japanese traditional crafts based on target-oriented fuzzy method and ontological engineering. Specifically, a target-oriented fuzzy method is proposed in measuring the fitness of the selected feature to a certain object; two aggregation models for dealing with the multi-attribute issues are introduced; four ranking methods is also analyzed for obtaining a recommendation list. Results of testing aggregation models and ranking methods are presented, based on a prototype recommendation system and a comparison test.

Seminarium odbędzie się 25 lutego (poniedziałek!) o godz. 12.00 w sali 753 Ośrodka Szkolenia Instytutu Łączności