Zaproszenie do udziału w szkoleniu

„Wireless Access Technologies
to Internet Network”

26 February – 4 March 2024

ITU e-learning course

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to register to the ITU elearning course on „Wireless Access Technologies to Internet Network”, 26 February – 4 March 2024, which is organized within the framework of ITU Academy Training Centers programme, and it will be delivered through the ITU Academy.

This course is targeted at managers, engineers and employees from regulators, government organizations, telecommunication companies and academia, who are interested in understanding, implementation and regulation of Wireless Access Technologies to Internet Network, including technologies, standardization, regulation and content. Other institutions and individuals that are dedicated in building their capacity related to Wireless Access Technologies to Internet Network are also welcome to participate.

For more information please refer to the “Course Outline” and “Registration information”, given on the ITU Academy at:

To register for the course please proceed toward the following steps:

STEP 1 – Login into ITU Academy
In order to access this course you need to login in the ITU Academy:

If you do not have an account you may freely open one on the ITU Academy via the following link:

STEP 2 – Registration into this course
You can register for the course by applying for it at the following link (copy-paste in the same browser after login into the ITU Academy):

Please note that for both individual and group registrations, each participant must register for the course at the above link individually.


After registration for the course, you will receive a standard purchase order via email from the ITU Academy Training Center (ITU ATC), which for this course is the National Institute of Telecommunications (NIT), Poland. Please note that the fee payment for this course can be realized only via bank transfer payment for both individual and group registrations.


You will be enrolled in the course on the ITU Academy platform after submission of proof of payment to course coordinator at, with cc to course tutor at and ITU Academy team at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Sylwester Laskowski
Head/Coordinator of ITU Academy Training Center at National Institute for Telecommunications, Warsaw, Poland